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Worldwide, there are a range of continuous infectious microbial reduction (CIMR) devices. Clinical studies are available to demonstrate fighting effectively airborne and surface pathogens.

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Technology to fight Coronavirus via air

MT Consulting (MTC) has evaluated with independent professionals comprising of medical doctors, infectologists, and independent auditors to ensure that federal, residential and commercial devices produces hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at safe levels established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Hydrogen peroxide is listed as a compound that fights 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).  The World Health organization has coded the disease as COVID-19.

CIMR Technology can provide a healthier, cleaner environment by continuously removing airborne pathogens from the air and surfaces using hydrogen peroxide which is known to disinfect and kill bacteria, moss, germs, and viruses.

This technology has been used by renowned neurosurgeons, infectologists, emergency doctors, OBGYN, among other healthcare professionals in operating rooms (OR) facilities, restaurants, hotels, CPA & Attorney offices, and their homes.

Additionally, the EPA and the American Chemistry Council have recognized the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at fighting and controlling bacteria and pathogens such as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

Some CIMR machines are able to disinfect, purify, filter and reduce odors. CIMR machines are not an air purifier.

CIMR machines are proven to reduce pathogens, notably the Covid 19 virus, Human Coronavirus, HIV, all Hepatitis variants, Novel Influenza (H1N1), and many more. This is the only solution in the market that uses gaseous hydrogen peroxide. This technology is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Tests have been performed to ensure the devices operate at safe levels established by EPA.

To facilitate the understanding of a continuous infection microbial reduction (CIMR) technology in Spanish see the video below.

Our Proof

Studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide is highly effective at disinfecting and controlling pathogens such as Covid 19, certain products like CIMR technology use this compound.


For a full list of commercially available products containing this compound, visit these publications from the CBP and the EPA agencies.


We have also partnered with several renowned organizations and institutions to conduct studies to put the effectiveness of CIMR to the test. You can find all of these studies below.

CIMR Process

In order to better understand your needs and provide you with a better experience and solutions, we have developed a process to guarantee the best results.

Test Air for Pollutants

First, we help you study the air quality of your home or office for pollutants. This study will also provide the required square footage.

CIMR Recommendation

With the results of the previous test, we will assess your needs and provide cost-effective recommendations.

Implementation & Protection

Our trained project managers will help you implement the installation of equipment, software and/or hardware based on your needs.

How It Works

By producing a constant stream of hydrogen peroxide CIMR machines are able to produce a safer environment free of pathogens. These machines produce a subtle but effective 0.02 ppm (Parts Per Million) of hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and water vapor in the air.

In essence, CIMR Technology is a photocatalytic process that produces a continuous stream of gaseous hydrogen peroxide with both positive and negative charges. These hydrogen peroxide particles are attracted to pathogens in both the air and surfaces and are trapped in the hydrogen peroxide which then sterilizes them.

CIMR Applications

CIMR Technology helps countless industries by continuously reducing the amount of microbes, viruses, mold, and bacteria while reducing odors. This innovative technology has applications in countless fields that require a sterilized work environment and it is proven to work in the following industries:

Food & Service

CIMR Technology is proven to extend the shelf life of produce and combat bacteria such as E. Coli.


Automotive industries benefit from CIMR Technology by sanitizing the cabin and providing a safe driving experience.


CIMR Technology provides a safer environment for surgical procedures and reduces the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.


Heating and cooling units or air ducts can be fitted with CIMR Tech to provide a cleaner and safer stay for both guests and employees.


Virtually any industry can benefit greatly from CIMR Technology by ensuring the safety of employees and clients alike, get in touch today to find out how MTC can help your business.

Explore CIMR Tech
CIMR 2000

This portable machine functions as a stand-alone unit, perfect for your office or home. It can be transported easily and has an effective range of up to 3,000 square feet.


12” H x 9” W x 12” D



A smaller device mounted in the wall of a heating & cooling unit. Perfect for hospitals or hotels, it has an effective range of 500 square feet. 


10.38”L x 2.25”W x 1.25”H

CIMR DuctWork


This unit is easily installed in any home or office air ducts and disinfects the air as it passes through the ducts. Three versions are available for up to 8,000 square feet.

Dimensions up to:

11”H x 11” W x 17” L 

CIMR 414


The powerhouse of the CIMR family of products, the CIMR 414 has a reach of up to 16,000 square feet and it shines at industrial and large commercial applications.

Dimensions up to:

15”H x 19.25”L x 7.25” W 

Case Studies & News

MedTrust Company has been working with this technology during the rehabilitation of hospitals and buildings after hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Below you will find several frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

We will be adding collaborators that have evaluated and used this technology in various industries.

We will be adding collaborators that will help Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in the fight against 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Feel free to provide any information that may help Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic fight COVID-19 promptly and with financial viability.


"CIMR Technologies solved our ongoing recurrence of mold and mildew in our walk-in refrigerator. Once it was installed we have not had any mold appear in the last 10 months. Thanks to our CIMR rep Truett King for a job well done."

Jeff Hobson

Facilities Director, First Baptist Church

"CIMR Technologies solved our ongoing recurrence of mold and mildew in our walk-in refrigerator. Once it was installed we have not had any mold appear in the last 10 months. Thanks to our CIMR rep Truett King for a job well done."

Jeff Hobson

Facilities Director, First Baptist Church


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