Breathe Healthy

Worldwide, there are a range of continuous infectious microbial reduction (CIMR) generators with clinical studies available to demonstrate their effectiveness at fighting airborne and surface pathogens.

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CPA MedTrust Certified

To comply with the MedTrust Pure Air Protocol, the first step you must take is being the process of acquiring a certified generator of low-level hydrogen peroxide in gas. Hydrogen peroxide generators are available with limited supply, we reserve stock for healthcare professionals and specialists who serve as the first line of defense against threats such as COVID-19.

The MedTrust Certified Pure Air seal is more than just a guarantee, it is a statement. If you see this seal in any storefront you can rest assured that the business owner has taken every precaution to guarantee your safety and the safety of every visitor and staff.

MedTrust has, as part of their team, CPAs and Infectious Disease specialists that test, qualify, and certify an array of emerging technologies in the fields of medicine and health, working in collaboration with experts and specialists in many industries such as engineers, architects, lawyers, and many others, in order to put these emerging technologies to the test. It is only after the most rigorous testing that one can earn the MedTrust Certified seal of approval.

MT Consulting and CPA MedTrust have partnered with BonAir to provide top of the line solutions to combat COVID-19 and other pathogens in the air and surfaces to ensure a safe environment.


If you would like to begin the process of obtaining the CPA MedTrust Pure Air Protocol certification, you can use the button below to acquire a BonAir generator of low-level hydrogen peroxide in gas.