China combats Coronavirus with drones

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in the city of Wuhan during December 2019, the virus has spread through China and Asia at an alarming rate. Tech giants and entrepreneurs have approached the issue with a plethora of techniques based on their fields of expertise, but few stand out above the rest.

In the early days of February, drones have been used to:

  • Transport medications & goods without exposing staff to infected individuals

  • Disinfect areas highly transited by spraying a mixture of medications and chemicals

  • Transmit announcements with drone-mounted speakers

  • Take the temperature of affected individuals with thermal cameras

Drones can notably improve the way China combats the spread of the virus, especially in crowded public spaces. Given the fact drones can move with ease and cover a wider area while reducing exposure of staff, they are exceptionally effective at reducing the spread of pandemics. The disinfectant sprayed from drone-mounted devices is made from a base of chlorine and ethylic alcohol.

Currently, drones cover over 600 million square meters around China, providing a solution that is up to 50 times more effective than traditional methods.